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Kidney Issues

As the primary organs in the renal system, your kidneys are responsible for major functions in your body. Understand what to look for when they aren’t working properly.

When my doctor told me lupus was affecting my kidneys, I was scared. But I worked with my doctor to make a few changes that have helped.

Kidney issues, such as lupus nephritis, can be experienced when the kidneys are inflamed, making them unable to remove waste from your blood or control the fluids in your body. The result? Swelling, especially in the feet, ankles, legs, fingers, arms, or eyes. Symptoms can also include blood in your urine, higher blood pressure, foamy urine, or an increased need to urinate, especially at night.


If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor as soon as possible. These could be signs that your lupus is active and attacking your kidneys. And if untreated, this can lead to permanent, irreversible kidney damage, including internal scarring of your kidneys.


Up to 60% of adults with systemic lupus erythematosus may develop lupus nephritis.

Get your doctor’s help with kidney problems. 

The earlier effective treatments are used, the better the symptom control can be. And that can mean slowing down or even stopping the damage to your kidneys. 

Icon: Blood Pressure

High blood pressure may make it harder for your kidneys to function properly. And improper kidney function may make hypertension worse. To avoid this vicious cycle, talk to your doctor, who may prescribe medicine for high blood pressure.


They may also suggest some simple dietary changes. Try eating less protein, taking in less salt, and drinking water only until you’re no longer thirsty.

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