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Bone-tired. Worn out. Exhausted. There are so many ways to say you’re fatigued. But how much do you know about it?

Being totally wiped out isn’t just part of being a modern-day woman. Getting the rest I need makes me a much better version of me.

Fatigue is defined as an uncommon, abnormal, or extreme whole-body tiredness that isn’t related to exercise or activity. It’s feeling completely exhausted without much physical exertion.


Fatigue can make you miss work, school, or social activities. It can affect your mental ability and it can cause you to put off daily chores. And, as you likely know, trying to get “enough” sleep doesn’t seem to help. For people living with lupus, fatigue is often noted as their first and most disabling symptom.


If you’re feeling the fatigue, talk to your doctor. Any new symptom—or flare of an old symptom—may mean your lupus is active in your body. And that can mean long-term damage to your organs.


Most people living with lupus report some degree of fatigue.

Fighting fatigue isn’t a lost cause. 

While getting enough sleep is important, what’s key is the quality of sleep instead of the quantity

Icon: Talk to Your Doctor

Plus, talk with your doctor about trying one of these: 

  • Exercise 
  • Changes to your diet 
  • Vitamin supplements 
  • A change in medication 
  • Acupuncture
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Icon: Lupus Fatigue


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