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Welcome to Us in Lupus

Us in Lupus is designed to give you more than just the facts about lupus. It's a resource designed by GSK that offers people living with lupus the skills, tools, and confidence they need to help them face lupus.

In addition to your lupus journal, Us in Lupus gives you a set of tools to help you prepare for doctor appointments and a series of self-help booklets to help boost your skills and confidence. When you use these tools together, you can better manage your lupus and make the most of interactions with your healthcare team.

By registering to join Us in Lupus, you have the power to face your lupus.

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Document your symptoms, thoughts and any questions you may want to ask your doctor. The Journal is just one way Us in Lupus gives you the power to face your Lupus.

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Most of the people featured in Us in Lupus are paid spokespeople for GSK.