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Hair Loss

It can be one of the most visible signs of lupus. And it’s one that can affect your self-esteem the most.

I love sporting a new hat. But I can’t wear them everywhere. Finding other options has been key.

Hair loss in lupus can be caused by scarring or issues at the scalp from certain conditions or medications. They can also give you dry, fragile hairs that break just above the scalp. Whether or not the hair can regrow depends on the cause of the loss. 


Over half of people with lupus deal with some kind of hair loss.

You’ll want to start by talking to your doctor about what may be causing your hair loss. 

When you are experiencing lupus symptoms, it may mean your disease is active. And that can cause long-term damage to your organs. Some hair loss can be reversed or managed with changes to your current treatment or additional medications.


But sometimes hair loss can’t be reversed. Just as your clothing and makeup choices are very personal, so is how you choose to handle thinning or patchy hair. Perhaps you’ll want to try a new style, one that’s shorter or is cut a different way. 

Icon: Use Gentle Hair Products

Be sure to protect your hair, using gentle products and not overdoing it with chemicals or hot appliances. And don’t forget about hairpieces and wigs. There are so many styles, colors, and lengths that you may find a style that suits you.

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