Icon: Lupus Brain Fog

Brain Fog

Whose phone number did you just start dialing? What did you go into the kitchen to get? If you struggle with memory loss and sometimes have trouble concentrating, take heart. There are ways to combat the fog!

Forgetting things every day is frustrating. But now I’m learning to fight this fog.

Brain fog in lupus usually affects: 

  • Attention 
  • Learning and understanding new information 
  • Remembering recently learned information 
  • Concentration 
  • Multitasking 
  • Memory

If you’re experiencing any of these foggy effects, talk to your doctor. Any new symptom—or flare of an old symptom—may mean your lupus is active in your body. And that can mean long-term damage to your organs.


Over half of people living with lupus may be experiencing some sort of brain fog, depending on how the studies are designed.

You can fight the fog! 

Plain and simple, you need help remembering things. Pen and paper can help with this, and so can your phone or tablet. Try one to help you get organized and get things done. 


No matter which you choose, make it a habit to use every day. Create sections for events, appointments, to-dos, contacts, symptom notes, or whatever else is important to you in your daily life.

Icon: Pen

You can also do a few things to help boost your memory.

Try journaling at the end of each day, solving crossword puzzles or math challenges, and focusing on one task at a time. Make sure, too, you’re getting enough sleep and getting in a little exercise (with your doctor’s approval).

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Trying to keep up with your symptoms? 

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