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Heart Issues

Heart problems often make their way into your life in subtle ways. But the seriousness of heart issues can’t be overlooked.

There’s so much to worry about with lupus—and my heart health is top on my list.

Risk factors for heart disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, are often seen in people living with lupus shortly after diagnosis—and in people who are younger than the general population. All areas of the heart, including the valves and coronary arteries, may be affected. 


There are many reasons people with lupus may face heart issues. Often it’s due to high blood pressure and other physical ailments. Or the cause may be prolonged use of corticosteroids. 


Whatever the cause, discuss treating your heart issues with your doctor. If left untreated, this lupus disease activity could cause long-term damage to your heart and other organs.


Over half of people with lupus have some kind of heart issue.

Discuss your heart with your doctor

Whether or not you're having heart issues, your doctor may have some heart-healthy suggestions for you.

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Your doctor may recommend:

  • Stopping smoking 
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
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