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A 15-minute appointment can fly by – but we’ll help you make sure every minute counts. A bit of preparation can help you have a focused, productive, and meaningful conversation with your doctor.

I want to tell my doctor not only my symptoms, but also how they’re affecting my life. I want my voice to be heard.

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Answer the questions below to help guide the conversation with your doctor. With each answer, we’ll show more information about lupus and some tips that are specific to your experience. 


After you complete the guide, we’ll send a copy to the email address you provide so you can share with your doctor.


Which symptoms affect your daily life the most?

Check all symptoms that apply in the time since your last doctor’s visit.


Have your symptoms changed?

Lupus symptoms can change over time, becoming more severe or happening more often. Select which answer sounds most like what you’ve experienced since your last doctor’s visit.


Have you had any new symptoms?

Since your last appointment, have you felt anything new that may be related to lupus?


How often has lupus affected your activity level or social life?

Since your last appointment, did lupus impact your everyday routine? Think about your regular activities and commitments to social events.


Is your steroid dose more than 7.5 mg per day?

Steroids are often used to quickly treat lupus-related inflammation during a flare. But using steroids consistently can come with some risks.

Learn more tips for talking about lupus. 

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