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Real Lupus Stories

Hear how other patients cope with day-to-day challenges. You'll get valuable insights into different aspects of managing life with lupus. What's more, their determination will amaze and inspire you!

Coordinate Your Healthcare Team

Michelle makes sure that every member of her healthcare team is aware of what others are doing.

Name: Michelle
Willow Grove, PA
Living with lupus since:
 Family and friends
Coping strategies:
 Staying organized and not afraid to count on others for support

Reinvent Yourself

When lupus made it difficult for Kathy to teach, she found a new career with the flexibility she wanted—and the fulfillment she needed.

Name: Kathy
Monrovia, CA
Living with lupus since:
Travel; food
Coping strategies:
Reassigned family roles; leans on sister for extra support

Be Honest

Rena learned the hard way that when you're living with lupus, honesty is always the best policy.

Name: Rena
Chicago, IL
Living with lupus since:
Coping strategy:
Is open about her lupus and how it makes her feel—especially when talking to her daughter

Know That You're Not Alone

Linda's best friend has become an "early warning system" who helps Linda conserve energy and persevere.

Name: Linda
Bend, OR
Living with lupus since:
Martial arts, reading, movies, concerts
Coping strategy:
Remembers a role model who taught her that people with lupus can still live full, productive lives

Know That Loved Ones Want What's Best for You

Persha discovered that having lupus doesn't affect just her—it matters to everyone in her life.

Name: Persha
Bend, MD
Living with lupus since: 2003
Hobby: Creating jewelry
Coping strategy: Recognizes that taking care of herself is critical to the people who matter most, especially her husband and son

Stay Positive

Nicole accepts that lots of things have changed since her diagnosis—including her attitude.

Video player requires JavaScript enabled. You can download this video here: http://gskvideo.edgesuite.net/Usinlupus/Videos/mp4/stay_positive/217106r0_stay-positive-video.mp4

Name: Nicole
Frisco, TX
Living with lupus since:
Cooking; technology
Coping strategy: Is direct with others about the fact that she has lupus; never feels embarrassed about it

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