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We’ve all heard the phrase, “There’s strength in numbers.” And this certainly is true when you’re living with a chronic illness. Your network of doctors, family, and friends is there to help you deal with the symptoms, flares, and daily ups-and-downs of lupus. It’s great to know that your support community is available too, with encouraging words and helpful advice whenever you need them.

Explore the tools, articles, and information in this section, leverage the advice of our community and start feeling more empowered today.

Partner with Your Doctor

Our practical tools and tips will help you foster an even stronger relationship with your doctor.

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Feel Better Now

Here are five things you can do to give yourself a boost today.

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Cope Well

Learn different ways to cope with the symptoms, stress, and plain old bad days.

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Care and Support

Do you care for or support someone living with lupus? Here’s a little help and inspiration.

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Relate Well

Lupus can be a challenge when it comes to family relationships. Discover strategies for working effectively through the potential issues.

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Live Well

Looking to make a few changes? Good nutrition, physical activity, and plenty of rest are key to your life with lupus.

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Join Us!

There’s so much to learn from our growing community. Become a member now!

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