Managing Lupus

Managing lupus and its symptoms is a true team
effort, with your doctors and social support network
offering valuable help and encouragement. Everyone’s
role is important in achieving the goal of living well
and living stronger together with lupus. Here’s how it
all comes together:

You. Take charge of managing your day-to-day life with lupus by:

  • Learning as much as possible about lupus, including the types of flare triggers, symptoms, and complications to watch out for; the lifestyle changes that may help reduce pain and fatigue; and the latest developments in managing lupus.
  • Sharing your symptoms, thoughts, and concerns
    with your healthcare team, including any new
    symptoms that may call for a change in your lupus
  • Following your doctor’s instructions—so you’ll know if the management plan you and your doctor created together is working. Speak with your doctor about how long to wait before you begin to explore different options.
  • Exploring new, healthy lifestyle choices. Consider certain changes to your diet, such as getting enough vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary
    fiber. Be sure to always speak with your doctor before making any dietary or lifestyle changes.

Your healthcare team. Determining the best way to manage your lupus means:

  • Staying in close touch and keeping the lines of communication open after recommending a new course of action.
  • Keeping all the other members of the healthcare
    team informed of any changes or recent medical

Your family and friends. Communication is key. If
friends and family are not providing adequate support,
maybe they aren’t sure how to help. First, talk about
what you think you may need and what your friends
and family can do to help the most, including:

  • Keeping in touch, because no one likes to feel
    they’re alone.
  • Providing a shoulder to lean on when the going gets rough.
  • Lightening the load by running errands, picking up the kids from school, or doing some grocery shopping.
  • Going to doctor appointments to serve as a second, helpful set of eyes and ears.

Everyone in our lives can help make a difference. Each of us can benefit if we come together to make living well with lupus our goal. Because together, we’re

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