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The us in lupus is a community of people like you, people who want to live well while managing life with lupus. Created for you and inspired by you, the us in lupus is a place to come together and find information, strength, and encouragement.

We’ve met with and interviewed numerous people touched by or living with lupus. Many of you visited ourlupus.com, and we listened to what you had to say about your challenges with lupus. And even though everyone experiences the disease differently, we heard one common cry: Lupus can make you feel alone.

We wanted to change that. So we created a place to bring people living with lupus together, one by one. Someone experiencing lupus firsthand. A care partner. A researcher or doctor. A friend.

If lupus is in your life in any way, the us in lupus is your site. You’re what makes the us truly us. And what you see now is just the beginning. With your help, this site will continue to grow and evolve into your own community experience. Our hope is that you’ll find support, information, and tips for people living with lupus, inspired by people living with lupus.

Become part of the us today. And help the us in lupus become a place to learn, to laugh, to cry, and to be inspired. After all, together we’re stronger.

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The people featured on the us in lupus are paid spokespeople for GlaxoSmithKline.