At the us in lupus, people living with lupus are coming together. One person at a time. Creating an ever-growing circle of support. Together we are learning from each other and moving forward together. Together we are sharing stories of determination, hope and change. Together we are living with and supporting people living with lupus. We are the us in lupus

Because together, we're stronger...

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What's New?
  • Lupus Dictionary: Become familiar with the terms your doctor uses when talking about lupus.
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  • National Survey on Lupus: 950 people in the lupus community were surveyed to uncover insights about existing communication gaps between patients, caregivers and families.
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  • It's time to unmask all your lupus symptoms.
  • My Lupus Log: Be better prepared to talk about your lupus symptoms with your doctor—download our new mobile app for lupus symptom tracking on your Android smartphone.

The people featured in the us in lupus are paid spokespeople for GlaxoSmithKline.